About Us


Slats Customs is a business idea created by a student aspiring to be a future designer and business owner. With my self-employed business, it's a one-girl team! Offering my first-rate products and exceptional customer service to buyers, I've created a business with the drive and love to constantly update and improve your experience. The amount of positive feedback given from my work ethic and business initiative has inspired me to continue this passion, so thank you all for helping me on my journey.

Our shoes are painted by hand, using long-lasting leather paints and dyes from Angelus. They are made with love, each being a unique piece of art we hope to inspire your style with. Our customers have the ability to customize a shoe up to their liking, allowing them to grow a connection with their new sneakers.

We believe that a person's shoes say a lot about their personality, and we want to be able to help you express that through YOUR art. What goes on your feet should tell people who you are, or whom you aspire to be.

At Slats, we hope to go beyond your expectations and bring joy from the moment your package arrives at your doorstep, to that first moment you open your box to reveal your newest art piece.

We hope you grow a connection with our products as we have grown a connection with our customers.

Lana <3

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Email us directly at slatscustoms@gmail.com