How do I take care of my custom shoes?

Though our shoes are crack proof, scratch proof, water proof and dull proof, we want to make sure that your shoes last a life time. Here some tips you can implement to make sure that your shoes look brand new every day.

If your shoes have paint on the sole (i.e not on the leathers), it can scratch off if you excessively walk on dirty, rough surfaces

Your shoes are washer safe, however, it is best to wash with a coarse bristle brush or a washcloth and water. Our paint will never come off from leather surfaces with the use of coarse materials, so do not worry!

Our shoes have a protective layer above the paint. This is to ensure that no damage can occur and that the paint never peels.

Are shipments tracked?

Yes! Every order is tracked and insured, and your tracking number will be emailed to you immediately once it is shipped. 

How long will it take to receive my shoes?

This can depend on whether your order is domestic or international. Please visit our shipping policy page or our order status page to further understand how long it will take your package to arrive to your doorstep. 

Does the paint come off?

The Slats Guarantee ensures that every customer gets what they ordered. This includes that within the first three months of your order, your paint should never peel, scratch, or dull from every day use. If this occurs, you may be eligible for a refund.   

Can I ship my old shoes to Slats Customs to paint?

Unfortunately we do not allow this service. This is because worn, dirty shoes are much harder to paint. The paint can crack from previous creases, and dirt can cause the paint to not adhere properly. Because of this, and other reasons, we do not accept used shoes. All our shoes are painted on brand new leather sneakers, and therefore we are able to uphold the Slats Guarantee.

How can I get a custom design?

The custom design process is a super fun and creative thing we love doing here at Slats. To begin, you must have a strong idea on what you'd like your shoes to look like. This can easily be done by finding pictures online and using them as reference. If you have an idea, but are not sure of how to go on, please message us, we'd be happy to help! After this part, email customersupport@slatscustoms.com, or message us on instagram @slatscustoms so we can discuss if the idea is possible. In these scenarios, we will discuss price, processing times, and will go ahead with the purchase. Please be serious when it comes to the process, as it takes a lot of time from our representatives to help you consolidate your idea. 

How much does it cost to get a custom design?

We price our shoes based on the amount of time it takes to create them. This means that if your custom shoe requires a lot of detailing, and a lot of time to create, they will be more expensive that a shoe that takes very little time to paint. Our pricing ranges, and is very similar to our already set prices for the shoes on our website.

Does Slats do competitive pricing?

Yes! If you find a design you'd like by another shoe designer, we can match or even lower the price to be cheaper. Just message us with the details via email or instagram. 


For all other inquires, please email customersupport@slatscustoms.com, or message us on instagram @slatscustoms.